A work by Fabrizio Favale
Dancers Daniele Bianco, Vincenzo Cappuccio, Fabrizio Favale, Francesco Leone
Co-production Le Supplici / Kinkaleri
In collaboration with Arcigay Il Cassero Bologna, PerAspera Festival, Tropici – Angelo Mai, Spazio K
Supported by MIBACT – Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Regione Emilia-Romagna.


Photographs Gino Rosa and Antonio Agostini



Waterfalls encloses in triptych three choreographic works by Fabrizio Favale, in a weave so elaborate as to determine the beginnings of a new work. Waterfalls consists in the sequence of Hood, The inconsolable polymath and Un ricamo fatto sul nulla. A very light and fast sequence which starts from a 2010 work and arrives to an unreleased Favale’s solo. Waterfalls collects the most abstract dances of the group, vertiginously focused on pure movement, the ones that solve everything in the dynamics and in the linguistic diversity elaborated by the author and his group over the years. Yet these works branch out in three outcomes that could not be more different, as three waterfall branches of the same river.