“Favale is the author of a dance warp so slight as to be much more ephemeral of the dance itself.”
by Carmelo Antonio Zapparrata – theater critic, artearti.net


“What he draws is a quick and light gesture, which tames the time (all the time you need, up to almost immobility) and makes palpable the space with the twisting of the torso, the flickering of the arms and a rotary pulse of Oriental origin. It’s a dance almost sacred, full of thought and never superfluous, a volatile embroidery and for this reason even more precious.”
by Maria Cecilia Bizzarri – theater critic, Danza & Danza


“The mysterious embroidery of this dancer prince of the choreography and his philosophical needlework on nothing, for Favale dancing is a way to explore things, the universe. Writes “But we want to show that maybe it is not the human to be the favorite subject of the dance, but something unreachable, stellar.” … The performers, very talented, are controlled together and ready to hyperbolic metamorphosis”.
by Massimo Marino – theater critic, Corriere della Sera, 03/26/2014


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