Le Stagioni Invisibili – Ciclo Coreografico Infinito


Primavera Estate Autunno Inverno


Concept and choreography Fabrizio Favale
Assistant Andrea Del Bianco
Dancers (cast variabile) Daniele Bianco, Vincenzo Cappuccio, Andrea Del Bianco, Martina Danieli, Fabrizio Favale, Francesco Leone, Angelica Margherita,Valentina Palmisano, Mirko Paparusso, Filippo Scotti
Images, scene and costumes First Rose
Production KLm –Kinkaleri, Le Supplici, mk
Project manager Andrea A. La Bozzetta
Special project inaugurated by Agorà and Le Supplici
Supported by MiBAC, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Comune di Bologna – Area Metropolitana di Bologna – Destinazione Turistica nell’ambito di Bologna Estate 2021 e Fondazione Del Monte
In collaboration with Sementerie Artistiche, Azienda Agricola Valle Torretta, Crevalcore / PerAspera Festival
And with ATER / h(abita)t – Rete di Spazi per la Danza / Sementerie Artistiche, Crevalcore, Teatro Consorziale di Budrio
Cooperation with the Company and carried out the previous editions of the project Stagione Agorà / Associazione Liberty, Bologna; AMAT Marche; PerAspera Festival, Bologna; Festval Città Cento Scale, Potenza
The Creation of Seasons is produced with the support of MiBAC e di SIAE, in the program “Per Chi Crea”


Live photos Paolo Cortesi



This project won the Production Prize “Per Chi Crea” 2019 by MiBAC and SIAE


Project dedicated to Ermanno Olmi.
This cycle of choreographic performances, which presents itself as infinite, tells of changes in Seasons which, paraphrasing Calvino’s Cities, are invisible as they are imaginary, non-existent. A project never attempted before, which takes place entirely outdoors, in agricultural or industrial environments or in the wild surroundings. The performances are confirmed in any weather condition (sun, rain, snow …) that unites dancers and spectators in the same unexpected conditions. Falling every year in the days around the equinoxes and solstices, these danced events appear within and in dialogue with real landscapes, describing unreal beings, languages ​​and worlds. A unique experience, in the encounter with dance in its most unusual and dreamy forms. Here we meet dancers like beings from other worlds, like imaginary animals, like strange populations that are now extinct or never existed. Thus, with its ephemeral and alien apparitions, with its scheduled appointments four times a year, with the discovery and rediscovery of landscapes and agricultural activities, of popular culture, or with the approach to almost unknown wild territories, this project is not only a choreographic experiment, but also wants to be a kind of process of immaterial capitalization of what surrounds us. The enhancement of the existing landscape, through the nonexistent one. Perhaps only invented worlds, worlds that are totally “other”, can give us back the image of the everyday worlds we frequent. And let us recognize its fragility, protect its beauty.






A commentary on Le Stagioni Invisibili – Ciclo Coreografico Infinito
by Fabio Acca, theater critic


“To understand easily what is meant when we talk about the” third landscape of dance “, we should participate in the” invisible seasons “created by Fabrizio Favale Le Supplici. In the fourth “summer” episode, for example, we have fallen into a creatural condition, in which the choreographic design merges with the landscape. Silence acts as a sounding board to the intimate rhythm of nature, in an extraordinarily touching symmetry between art and life. ”


Show seen on 19/05/2019 at the repopulation oasis La Rizza di Bentivoglio (BO)



Dance. The four traveling seasons by Fabrizio Favale
by Giuseppe Distefano 8 June 2019


With a peculiarity of great breadth, of perceptual dilation, of organic mapping, of participatory “transhumance” of parables between poetry and reality, is the project The invisible seasons created by Fabrizio Favale with the Compagnia Le Supplici. Taking part in only one of the four choreographic performances over a year, which mark the passage of the four seasons, is above all an experience. Sharing. Where the landscape becomes nourishment for the soul.
It is a physical immersion, outdoors, in natural, agricultural or industrial settings, which require silence, listening, and a shared vision. As explorers. As is the choreographer Fabrizio Favale, who has always dedicated himself to explore with geography and natural landscapes evoking them on the scene, in museums, or in other non-traditional locations, giving rise to views, concrete places and infinite spaces. Or living the places directly. As for the project The invisible seasons – infinite choreographic cycle (special project of Agorà with the artistic direction of Elena Di Gioia, and promoted by the Union of Reno Galliera, with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region, production of the Liberty Cultural Association), aimed at discovering “territories of enchantment and apparition”, as defined by the same choreographer who, with nature, a motif of continuous inspiration, cultivates a symbiotic, concrete and almost sensual relationship.

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