Le Stagioni Invisibili – Ciclo Coreografico Infinito

A work by Fabrizio Favale


Duration variable


Choreography Fabrizio Favale
A special project by Agorà and Compagnia Le Supplici
Assistant Andrea Del Bianco
Dancers – variable cast Daniele Bianco, Vincenzo Cappuccio, Giulio Germano Cervi, Martina Danieli, Andrea Del Bianco, Fabrizio Favale, Francesco Leone, Stefano Roveda, Valentina Palmisano, Mirko Paparusso, Filippo Scotti
Images First Rose
Production KLm
For the company, the project is in charge by Andrea A. La BozzettaCon il sostegno di ATER
Supported by MIBACT / Regione Emilia-Romagna
Project born of a conversation between Fabrizio Favale, Elena Di Gioia and Andrea A. La Bozzetta


Photo Andrea Macchia and Fabrizio Favale



Autunno Inverno Primavera Estate



Project dedicated to Ermanno Olmi.
Four dance performances to mark the passage of the Four Seasons in natural and outdoor places. An itinerant and nomadic project that starts from a research of the company based on the cycle of the Seasons and of the archaic popular culture and is grafted into meetings with the public in the marvelous natural, agricultural, timeless or industrial landscape of the Bolognese.
From the forest and its clearings to the surprise of the water of Boscovivo, to the uniqueness of the lunar landscape of the dunes of the Concave plant, the geometry of a poplar grove to silence and the secrets of the Oasis La Rizza, with dance and Supple company in the discovery and rediscovery of places of enchantment and apparition.
Appointments fall roughly in the seasons: the dance is manifested in the form of the epiphany encounter with beings, forms and profiles of animals, plants or human beings that are not clearly identifiable … that normally remain invisible, hidden or camouflaged in the rest of the year in nature or in the collective imagination.
The performances are confirmed with any weather conditions (sun, rain, snow …) that will bring together dancers and spectators.
A celebration of the Four Seasons marked by the relationship between dance and landscape, expectation and the appearance of extraordinary forms.
Every gathering, every meeting takes place in the wonder of waiting, as on the day of the Epiphany, or like the hunter waiting for the woodcock. All the public is invited to bring with them objects, foods, drinks that he considers comfort in the places of entertainment.
In addition, the company invites everyone to propose disguises, fantastic forms created at home to appear in pre-established places and ideally linked to each season.