Lute | Arrival of the gleams and sparks in everything

A work by Fabrizio Favale – First Rose


Duration variabile from 30 to 50 min


Choreography Fabrizio Favale
Set, costume and video effects First Rose
Dancers Daniele Bianco, Vincenzo Cappuccio
Music Alex Somers, Jónsi, Paul Corley & Sigur Rós
Produced by KLm – Kinkaleri / Le Supplici / mk
Co-produced by MilanOltre Festival, Milano
Supported by MIBACT / Regione Emilia-Romagna



Lute is the sparkle of embers in an ancient Italic dialect. That enigmatic sparkle that so hypnotizes in evanescent geometries. As if it were the pulse of a code that was as alien as it was universal. Like the languages we do not understand but which capture us as if in a dream: the stranger, all animals, plants, minerals. Which leaves us dumbfounded and in love as if it were the saying of all things. It is in front of those embers that the man began to tell fantastic stories. Almost as if that sparkle is the abode itself and the origin of the dream with open eyes, of invention.

This work goes in an altered and dreamy visual direction. Immersed in an empty space and colored by special light / video effects, two figures appear as unidentifiable beings that dance and construct strange objects. Uncertainty remains throughout their mysterious actions: are they creatures of the dream or are they animals that dream of? Are two aliens fallen from the sky in exploration or are they explorers in the Antarctic preparing a base camp? Are they ancient Etruscans in celebration or are they the looks of men intent on picking up signs from the sky? Yet something in their very nature is altered, as if to reveal artificial mutations: they are entirely human, but they wear close-fitting suits and drag a dried and mysteriously colored flora from chemical baths or genetic crossings onto the shoulders. Their perpetual and incessant action suggests a mysterious activity by bees. Something exact, almost mechanical, transpires in their actions in drawing trajectories and spatial geometries. They dance in an invented, polyglot language that crosses codes and ultimately chooses none. Almost wanted to throw in the ether a message understandable to all animals. Or decrypt something in the infinite possibilities of saying.
This work takes the audience into the meditation of a place that is neither here nor there, which arrives in the spectral mode with which the light of now extinct stars arrives.
Inaugurates a way that mixes organic and inorganic materials, playing with the morphology of the dancers who release gleams and sparks.
This is perhaps only the design of a small and senseless arabesque.
An enigma that we would like to dedicate to the memory of Alan Turing.