A work by Fabrizio Favale


Duration variabile from 20 to 50 minutes


Choreography Fabrizio Favale
Set First Rose
Dancers Martin Martin Angiuli, Daniele Bianco, Daniel Cantero, Vincenzo Cappuccio, Martina Danieli, Francesco Leone, Mirko Paparusso, Danilo Smedile
Music Alex Somers
Co-production Festival PerAspera, KLm – Kinkaleri / Le Supplici / mk
Production supports MIBAC / Regione Emilia-Romagna
Supported by h(abita)t – Rete di Spazi per la Danza / Sementerie Artistiche, Crevalcore



This work designed to be performed on outdoor slopes takes place on synthetic fur rugs with acid and bright colors (green, pink, yellow), colors that vary depending on the context. On each carpet a couple dances in tight iridescent in the sunlight. Each dancer endlessly repeats a movement code that he performs at will and randomly, thus creating within the couple and in relation to the other couples, synchrony and canons of a blossoming of geometric shapes and repeated like fractals of alien shapes. Ottawa, inserted in a natural landscape, describes a non-existent landscape.