Summer Dance
Folk dance of infinity



Cycle of workshops with final performance led by Fabrizio Favale & First Rose



Part of the project Il Portico Infinito by Nexus



Project funded by the European Union – European Structural and Investment Funds, in the context of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Operational Program Metropolitan Cities 2014-2020 REACT EU – “The dancing city” Bo7.1.1G .5.



On the iconic and hypnotic music of Steve Reich “Music for 18 Musicians” a dance that everyone and at all ages can practice, dancers and non-dancers.
This dance develops in an infinite loop, through variations, canons and unisons: like a folk dance of the future.


The duration of the laboratories is approximately 2 hours a day and will take place in Bologna.
The workshops are open to everyone, without distinction and no specific dance experience or preparation is required.
The purpose of the workshops is in fact the creation of a sort of popular dance of the future that can be practiced by anyone, something that does not yet exist, but which, like the traditional dances of the past, is implemented as an inclusive and engaging practice for the community.
Popular dance has always (and also in this case) been an occasion for celebration, a common meeting outside of everyday life and work, to strengthen relationships or meet new people. Dance in itself has always been chosen by man as a silent activity, which does not need language to understand each other, to get closer and perhaps to say something deeper and farther away at the same time.


This dance will finally be presented to the public in May 2023 within the Festival dei Portici in Bologna.








24, 25, 26 February 2023 h17:00-h19:00 at Ateliersì, Via San Vitale 69 Bologna


31 March, 1, 2 April 2023 h17:00-h19:00 Portico del Baraccano, Bologna


28, 29, 30 April 2023 h17:00-h19:00 Portico del Baraccano, Bologna


17, 18, 19 May 2023 h17:00-h19:00 Portico del Baraccano, Bologna




27 May 2023 Portico del Baraccano, Bologna



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