Concept, research, choreography and dance Fabrizio Favale
Set Le Supplici
Technical collaboration Alberto Trebbi
with the support of Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Regione Emilia-Romagna
Thanks to Teatri di Vita Bologna, Raum Bologna, Fienile Fluò Bologna, Spazio Danza Bologna for the courtesy of space in which this work was done.
And Alessandra Sini, Andrea Del Bianco e Alberto Trebbi for have watched over this work.


Photographs Jurgen Hoge



In Fantasmata, in the formula of masterful lesson / performance, Fabrizio Favale runs in a lightning and pulviscular way his 15 years of research in the context of choreography. Mediated by the voice of Filippo Pagotto, on a stage gaunt and with few haggard lights, the dancer acts as though he compose an akṣamālā, a necklace of nuts, and every nut is an intuition, a question, a wish, a disguise, a flame, a memory, a ghost, a dance, a childhood, a path, a burning heat, an absence.

With 9 dances by Fabrizio Favale and the voice of Filippo Pagotto



We anticipate here a part of the text:
[…] But we want to demonstrate that perhaps is not the man to be the favorite subject of the dance, but something unreachable, stellar.
[…] The dance resembles less and less of us and more and more to an evoke that has not object. An evoke an elsewhere that we crave, but we do not know what it is. Desire, is something that concerns the stars: the dance, therefore, is always sidereal.