THE HALLEY SOLO | hypothesis of periodical dance solo appearing for eighteen consecutive days a year

A work by Fabrizio Favale


Duration variabile about 20 minutes


Concept and choreography Fabrizio Favale
Set First Rose
Dancer Vincenzo Cappuccio
Music various artists
Production KLm – Kinkaleri / Le Supplici / mk
Supported by MIBAC / Regione Emilia-Romagna / Ater



As if to imitate the trajectory of a periodic comet, this dance is presented exclusively in the rapidity of its appearance, without a true beginning and a true end, like an ephemeral wake in space. Here the dancer abandons any kind of narrative reference to launch himself, like a celestial body, into trajectories and dynamics, in changes of quality and density of matter, in stasis and rapid twists in empty space.