Winter Forest

A work by Fabrizio Favale


Duration 40 min


Choreography Fabrizio Favale
Set, costume and art work First Rose
Dancers Daniele Bianco, Po-Nien Wang
Sounds recorded in zoos of different countries around the world Fabrizio Favale
Music Massimo Carozzi, Daniela Cattivelli, Christian Fennesz, Jónsi, Alex Somers, Ulrich Krieger
Co-produced by Festival Danza in Rete – Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, KLm – Kinkaleri / Le Supplici / mk
Supported by MIBAC / Regione Emilia-Romagna / Comune di Bologna
In collaboration with h(abita)t – Rete di Spazi per la Danza / Sementerie Artistiche, Crevalcore



Moving away in a trajectory with no return towards horizons of abstraction of an unspecified elsewhere, Winter Forest reduces its appearance to an essence of dance devoid of worldly references.

The imaginary landscape that draws has a winter, glacial character, obtained with special effects of light reflected on a silk backdrop (work by First Rose).

Here two dancers move in an unclassifiable dance made of the interweaving of a high technical complexity and unknown movements.

The choreography is built with an idea of randomness, in which the danced elements, while varying, return apparently without a reason, as happens with thunderstorms and storms.

Each movement follows the other in an incongruous, non-consequential sense and, due to the high executive difficulty, in this work the dancers contemplate the risk of failure from time to time, without relying on any interpretation.


Author’s notes

“After having frequented the open-air landscapes for a long time in their changes within the alternation of the seasons with the project The Invisible Seasons – Infinite Choreographic Cycle (2018-2021), and after having met the inhabitants of those landscapes (not only humans, but also animals, plants, minerals, artificial structures, machinery, steamrollers, the sense of space, the cyclical time), I felt the need to move away, to hypothesize non-existent zones, a distance that looks here without understanding and that we look at without understanding. I wanted to dedicate this work to all animals”.
Fabrizio Favale


These performances can be considered halfway between choreography and visual art and can be performed in art galleries, museums, unconventional spaces and theaters.