CHOREOGRAPHER: Fabrizio Favale

Born in Velletri in 1969.
Full Scholarship at the American Dance Festival, Duke University, USA in 1990, Fabrizio Favale as a dancer in 1996 receives the “critics award for best Italian dancer of the year”. As a choreographer in 2011 the “Medal of the President of the Republic to the Italian choreographic talent”. From 1991 to 2000 he was dancer for the Company Virgilio Sieni. In 1999 he founded the group Le Supplici. From the following years his works are engaged by several international festivals such as La Biennale di Venezia, Suzanne Dellal Tel Aviv, Expo 2010 Shanghai, SIDance Seoul, Tokyo Kitazawa Town Hall, The RED Serpiente Mexico, Santarcangelo Festival, Gender Bender Festival Bologna, Danae Festival Milan, Festival of Edinburgh, Aperto Festival Reggio Emilia. His works received prizes for choreography in Spain, Germany and Serbia. He is the creator of a series of independent projects dedicated to research including: “Piattaforma della Danza Balinese” for Santarcangelo Festival and “Circo Massimo” for the Duse Theatre in Bologna. He works with international musicians like Mountains, Teho Teardo, Daniela Cattivelli. Actually the work Ossidiana was invited at the Biennale de la Danse de Lyon and the work CIRCEO is co-produced by the Théâtre National de la Danse Chaillot, Paris. His work is mostly based on a personal abstract dance language, but frequently refers to an imaginery that comes from the archaic, pagan, paesant italian culture. Also the italian natural landscapes strongly influence Fabrizio’s work, with the power of a land made by desolate stony grounds, active volcanoes, remote islands, Alpine glaciers.


1999 Ganimede Show
2000 Vent
2003 Opera scorpione
2003 The unclean rest 2003
2005 II H
2005/2008 Mahabharata – episodi scelti,
2008 Kauma
2008 Il gioco del gregge di capre
2009 Se fossero le Alpi
2011 Infanzia di San Francesco d’Assisi
2001 Un ricamo fatto sul nulla
2012 Isolario
2013 Cartografia disabitata
2014 Alberi
2014 Fantasmata (lecture / performance)
2014 Orbita
2015 Ossidiana
2015 Hood
2016 Giuliano
2018 Circeo
2018/2021 Le Stagioni Invisibili – Ciclo Coreografico Infinito
2018 Argon
2019 The Rain Sequence
2020 Lute
2020 The Wilderness
2021 Alce
2021 Icelandic Ufo

Prize and Awards

– Medal of the President of the Republic to the Italian choreographic talent 06-07-2011 Rome, Grand Theater of the National Academy.

– Second prize for best choreography for “Un ricamo fatto sul nulla” 10-30-2010 Festival 15Masdanza, Spain

– Third prize for best choreography for “Un ricamo fatto sul nulla” 05-11-2011 No Ballet Ludwigshafen, Germany

– First prize for best choreography for “Il gioco del gregge di capre” 10-23-2010 Festival 15Masdanza, Spain

– First prize for best choreography for “Il gioco del gregge di capre” 12-05-2009 National Theater Belgrade, Serbia

– Fondo Fare Circuittazione Award, promoted by Ater Danza and Anticorpi Network for the work “Isolario” 18/06/2012 Bologna

– Co-productive support in a collaboration between the Emilia-Romagna Region, Ater Danza, the National Dance Foundation of Reggio Emilia and the Anticorpi Network for the work “Orbita” 2014

– Coproduction with Danae Festival Milano and Teatri di Vita Bologna for the work “Alberi” 2014

– Three-year production residence at the City Theater of Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) by ERT Emilia-Romagna Teatro Fondazione, 2005-2008

– The Company is one of the 4 Italian groups selected for The Italian Show Case. Dance Base Fringe Festival of Edinburgh, Scotland, 2013

– The work Ossidiana is invited at the Biennale de la Danse de Lyon 2016

– The Elfo Theatre in Milan dedicate a Solo exhibition to Fabrizio Favale in 2017

– The work Argon is co-produced by Museion – National Museum for Modern and Contemporary Arts and Tanz Bozen Festival and won the prize DANZAURBANA XL 2019.

– The work CIRCEO is co-produced by Théâtre National de la Danse Chaillot, Paris 2018

– The work ARGON is co-produced by Museion and Tanz Bozen Festival 2018

– The work ARGON won the prize DANZAURBANA XL 2019

– The Creation Of Seasons won the production prize PerChiCrea by MIBAC and SIAE 2019

– 2020 the works LUTE and IBIS TANZ are co-produced by the Festival MilanOltre, Milan (IT)

Press released

“The choreographer poet”
Corriere della Sera, 03/26/2014
Massimo Marino
“The mysterious embroidery of this dancer prince of the choreography and his philosophical needlework on nothing, Fabrizio Favale is a choreographer poet. His dance is able to give philosophical voice to the technic. There’s no history: it is made of twists, of “imitations” of the wind, the nature, the movement of animals, of impalpable and yet concrete atmospheric variations, of needlework that capture us. His company Le Supplici is based in Bologna but, as often happens, it is easier to see them abroad, where he won several awards. For Favale dancing is a way to explore things, the universe. Writes “But we want to show that maybe it is not the human to be the favorite subject of the dance, but something unreachable, stellar.” … The performers, very talented, are controlled together and ready to hyperbolic metamorphosis made by a gesture. Another. A fire, a flame made of bodies, of hands, arms, a slight suspension of time that grinds and transforms the presence of the body. A wind that drags and holds. A rise to the essence.”


di Rodolfo di Giammarco, la Repubblica 25/06/2018
Spettacolo visto al Teatro Argentina, Roma 23/06/2018 Rassegna “Grandi Pianure”

by Rodolfo di Giammarco, La Repubblica 25/06/2018
Show seen at the Teatro Argentina, Rome 06/23/2018

In “Circeo” by Fabrizio Favale the exhalations of a volcano burst out, the installations of a couple of speleologists of eruptive faults stand out on one side, the reflections of bright craters can be seen on the bottom, and then the smooth and ice backdrop melts to make room for a wall of lava. In this context thrown out by nature, twinned with an Iceland the mythical promontory of the Tyrrhenian where Ulysses meets Circe, Favale materializes a choreography of rare anthropological strength, a primitive upheaval which gives rise, in addition to the two cited scientific performers, to a group of seven dancers brutal, virulent, I would say mostly wild, with the rough bark of ancestral men imprinted with portraits of the naive genius Gino Covili. It was not enough, this beautiful, mysterious and very telluric “Circeo” – real international show with co-producing baptism at the Théatre de Chaillot in Paris and now arrived in Teatro Argentina, takes zoomorphic presences, adopts passages of interpreters camouflaged by animal skins, as if to evoke even a bestiary, a graffiti from a remote cave. And yet this work by Favale and his company Le Supplici, precisely because it is not narrative, because it is dark or blinding, as it is energetically tribal, I find it pervaded by a contemporaneity that metabolizes our unconscious, our aphasia, our hidden compulsiveness. It is another race more abrupt and differently corporate than that of the warriors of beauty of Jan Fabre, the race of these intrepid explorers, synchronous anti-heroes, solitary wolves of the scene, but something related in the DNA to me seems to exist, beyond of the American roots that Favale legitimately attributes to its overseas practicum. Then, of course, some dynamics follow the serial cadences of the original sound-noise by Daniela Cattivelli and the assets chosen by the Mountains, by Sigur Ros, by Alex Somers, by Windy & Carl. But there is also a rhythm emitted by the anatomies of these captive, stormy creatures.


The group is supported by MIBAC – Italian Ministry of Culture, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Commune of Bologna.


Fabrizio Favale Le Supplici